Nextage participated at the ENCCA Workshop, that has been hold on June 19-20, 2013 at the Badia della Castagna in Genoa. Our staff has been invited to present the XTENS repository technology, currently under joint development with the laboratory for bioengineering from the University of Genoa.

Created to manage multi-disciplinary experiments in neuroscience and medicine, XTENS is currently in use at Istituto Giannina Gaslini child hospital in Genoa to support the local bio-bank. This technology will be at the basis of one of the project’s demonstrator, fostering the exchange of data among different european bio-banks.

From the project’s web site:

The ENCCA network of 34 partners spans 11 European countries and includes 27 eminent paediatric oncology institutions.

ENCCA applies an integrative strategy, bringing all stakeholders together and providing them with common tools and approaches to solve current bottlenecks in testing new therapeutic strategies for rare cancers in a vulnerable age group.

ENCCA will implement new harmonised therapeutic strategies to allow biologically targeted drugs and referral schemes to become standard practice.
In addition, advanced training courses will be developed to benefit the paediatric oncology community at large (clinicians, nurses, data specialists, psychologists and all professions involved in translational clinical research).