Nextage recently concluded BiDaS (Big Data Stack) a project funded by Sardegna Ricerche in the framework of the Polaris Research Incentive Program. It involved Nextage and NICE, a company already established in the Park.
The objective that companies have given themselves was to increase business opportunities through greater knowledge of the existing Big Data solutions and technologies. Thanks to a demonstrator based on Hadoop and Rulex technology have been tempted some in the banking sector approaches and through the development of a lambda-architecture were examined, architectural and technological aspects (especially as regards the cooperation between batch and stream processing).
Among the project outputs should be noted:

  • a scholarship funded by Sardegna Ricerche was hired indefinitely by Nextage Ltd., consolidating and ensuring the expertise created during the project;
  • Nextage has become distributor for Italy of data analytics Rulex product;
  • It ‘been created the Yobit network, enclosing besides the project partners also companies that have shown interest in creating a joint bid.