Our network of partners is a result of successful past projects and a testimonial of our capability to understand customer’s needs and operate in different markets.

Traffic technologies, multimedia and security systems. Aitek has combined its technologies, flexibility and expertise in developing innovative products, and has worked side-by-side with its customers, thus becoming a partner of leading companies of the transport, safety & security and multimedia market areas. Nextage already developed web applications that has been deployed on Aitek’s innovative TVIP Digital Signage platform.

Big data and predictive analytics. BitTree is Nextage’s reference for big data infrastructures and technologies. We’re jointly developing solutions based on new tools and paradigms, such as Hadoop and lambda architectures.  Rulex Inc. provides Nextage with its technolologies based on proprietary machine learning algorithms that reduce the complexity of big data environment and extract only the relevant information.

Medical imaging and telemedicine. CAMELOT  acts in the medical imaging software market, developing advanced quantification tools that help clinicians make faster and more accurate decisions for diagnosis and therapy, and in the eHealth market, where the company can exploit its key competences in web-based technologies and data analysis and management. Thanks to this collaboration Nextage has access to the RICARE remote monitoring and telemedicine platform.

Cloud and grid computing. NICE delivers comprehensive Grid & Cloud Solutions for companies and institutions, increasing user productivity to access applications and computing resources. Their product portfolio empowers Grid & Cloud infrastructures by increasing usability and user-friendliness, without sacrificing flexibility and control.