Nextage is now distributor of Rulex, a leading prescriptive analytics technology that is among the winners of the 2015 EY (formerly Ernst & Young) Startup Challenge, a prestigious contest aimed to bring together EY clients with the most promising high-growth startups.

Starting from a long relationship with technology creators and company’s founders, we are now entered in a commercial agreement, formalizing the expertise that our staff is acquiring on the product and its application.

In collaboration with Bittree, a start-up focused on Big Data technologies, we’re  also developing expertise on innovative architectures, such as lambda ones.

This is a further step in qualifying Nextage as a comprehensive, cross-market, innovation provider.


More about Rulex

Rulex, is an unique prescriptive analytics platform, which offers the ability to not only build models for predicting future actions (i.e., Predictive Analytics), but to leverage insights on why actions occur to drive better decisions in the future (i.e., Prescriptive Analytics).

In selecting Rulex, EY described the technology provider as a company that “simplifies the challenge of feeding enterprise’s processes with new data sources and automatically extracts key trends in data using machine learning to get data-driven answers to business questions”.