Colibri is one example of how our three main business area (software development, IT governance & security, innovation) can converge.

Nextage successfully completed Phase 3 of the European PCP tender published by the DECIPHER consortium.

Nextage led the development team (made by people at Nextage and Camelot) which produced a prototype tested in Manchester, UK. 

The prototype allows patients to track their activity, diet, stick to prescriptions,and manage their daily controls. Doctors can access such data and modify all aspects of therapy, define alerts and provide feedback to the patients. Everything can be done in italian, english and spanish, and translation services are made available to simplify communication.

The prototype is currently available for demo upon request.

About our team

We formed a consortium to formalisze the partnership between Nextage and  Camelot Biomedical Systems, an hi-tech company based in Genoa. Nextage provides Cloud and hybrid web-mobile platform development skills, while Camelot provides know-how and tools in the fields of machine learning and image processing.


DECIPHER-PCP  aims to develop a mobile solution which enables secure cross-border access to existing patient healthcare portals, with a particular focus on patients with diabetes.